Switching to Strava

Hey all! Hope you’re all having a safe and happy 2021. I definitely cooled off on the running over the winter, but am ramping back up and looking forward to the 2021 running season.

With that, I’ve decided to switch to Strava for collecting & posting mileage (etc) for the group. While a Marine-focused custom mileage tracker was fun to build out for the 2020 Solo Run challenge, I don’t see being able to maintain it for the long term (and.. Strava exists, so why re-invent the wheel?). 😅

Plus (once signed up), Strava should give us a lot of added benefits, in terms of automated tracking and publishing (via smartwatch/phone tracking apps), and possibly future expansion to other sports/activities.

So, if you already have Strava, head over to the Strava Group I created and join us: https://www.strava.com/clubs/883479

And if you don’t have Strava yet (and would like to track miles with our group), go get a Strava account, download/connect the app on your device(s), and start posting to the group!

Thanks all!